These are the materials from my session at the Lectoral User Conference 2014 held in Los Angeles, CA.  The session was titled: Camtasia to the Max! Engaging and Interactive Videos.

In this session we discussed: using hot spots to navigate through a video or link to external content, green screen techniques, animations, grouping, and other engagement strategies.  We also dicussed how to embed videos into Lectora projects in a way that will still allow for these elements.

Session Presentation and Resources:

Embed code for embedding a published Camtasia player into Lectora:

<iframe id="tsc_player" name="tsc_player" src="[link to _player.html on
the server that you uploaded the Camtasia project to that was published
with a player]" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" width="960" height="540"

Set your width and height to your appropriate dimensions.  Use the Insert -> HTML feature in Lectora for this code.

You are welcome to email any follow-up questions or tweet me at @jrandersoniii

No elearning development tools were actually harmed while filming the embedded video. smiley