While presenting at TK11 in San Jose, a couple of my session participants asked, "do you blog?" It almost seemed awkward to say that I do not.

Like many other people, I have littered the WWW with megabytes of forgotten log posts. So, when I moved my personal site to WordPress as my content management system (CMS) – I purposely moved the blog off the homepage, and renamed it "news."

So, why don't I blog? It certainly isn't that I don't have anything to say… I never have a shortage of things to say. But it comes down first and foremost to time. I work a full-time job, teach part-time as an adjunct instructor at a community college, have hobbies that consume a lot of time, and a family; and oh – I travel A LOT! A distant second, I asked… "can I add more value to the discussion that is already out there?" At this time, because of time constraints, I don't think I could add a lot of value. If I see something I really want to share, I tweet it. More on Twitter at another time.

So, that is why I don't blog.