Is your organization working informal learning into your learning and development strategy?

If not, you need to be.  Many sources, indicate that informal learning is where the majority of learning occurs within the workplace.  Research from the United States Department of Labor, and additional research from leading informal learning guru's such as Jay Cross… peg informal learning as accounting for up to 80% of workplace learning.  However, investment in learning and development places budgetary investments of 80% and more to support formal learning activities.

Formal vs. Informal Learning

I can help bring expertise in using social technologies and content management systems including MediaWiki, ELGG, Microsoft SharePoint, and WordPress to your organization to help provide the technological infrastructure to support informal learning technology networks.

Technology is only one piece of the puzzle.

Four Enablers for Informal Learning

Change Management: My experience and research demonstrates that a change management strategy needs to be implemented to encourage a "formal" informal learning strategy, I can help you design and implement an appropriate plan.

Advocacy & Evangelism: Extensive research has been done that demonstrates the effectiveness of an internal advocate or evangelist for developing and supporting informal learning activities.

Tacit Knowledge: The key to informal learning is taking tacit information and making it explicit information available on demand by anyone in the organization at any time.

Technology to Enable Informal Learning: Technology is the enabler, not the solution.  Knowledge management has struggled since its inception, in part because the technology has either been lacking or it was cumbersome.  Modern technology capable of supporting informal learning and knowledge management is similar to social technologies employees use on a daily basis in their formal life.